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Welcome to Izabella Orzelski Atelier!

Dear Friends,

I want to celebrate the unveiling of my new website with you! This has been such a big undertaking, though any moment that I have spent on it was been worth it. Finally, I have all my paintings and classes in one place, easily accessible by everyone.

I am proud to share that I have a variety of online courses available in numerous formats:

1.) Live ZOOM classes

2.) Asynchronous Udemy, Skillshare and LearnWorlds courses

3.) Online University of Alberta Extension Certificate course

4.) In-person Metro Continuing Education art classes

5.) In-person classes and workshops in my studio

6.) YouTube Dr. OK Academy videos for K-12 students and beginning artists

7.) YouTube Izabella’s Atelier videos for adults

This summer was super busy for my family and me. Finally I have figured it out and I continue to learn how to do and offer online courses and workshops.

Now, I plan slowly but surely to transition to teaching online. It is a long but very satisfying journey for a lifelong learner like myself. If you are interested in continuing to take more classes and workshops with me, please make sure to visit my website for the updates.

But most importantly, I discovered a true Alberta jewel: Slave Lake! One can not only relax on the sandy beaches, but also swim in the crystal clear water. How could I not have known about this amazing place? I have been an Albertan for more than 20 years!

In this busy and exciting time, I also found out that I have a green thumb. My gardening skills turned our balcony into a floral oasis! This floral heaven has inspired my longing to paint flowers.

If you want to receive updates about my upcoming workshops and courses, please subscribe to my newsletter.



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